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A Stay-at-Home Mum on a Coding Mission!

About Me

I'm a Northern girl who's made my home in rural Wiltshire over the last fourteen years, and I live here with my partner and four-year-old son.

Before I became a full-time mum, I was a Tech Support Engineer for fourteen years, and now my current job status is "Stay-at-Home-Mum". But I'm not very good at sitting still for too long, and so for the past two years, I'm been slowly updating my skills around my family to help me rebuild my working life, but instead of going back to a 38 hour week as a Desktop Support Engineer, I'm choosing to follow a long-held ambition of becoming a Freelance Web Designer.


♦ I'm from Redcar in North Yorkshire (I now live in Wiltshire) ♦ Yes my accent is now a strange hybrid mix of both Shires! ♦ I used to love Land Rovers till my current one started draining my bank account ♦ My two favourite sports are kickboxing and horse-riding (and interestingly, I haven't done either of them for years, so can they technically still be counted as favourites?) ♦ My favourite colour is Azure Blue (very specific I know, but it reminds me of the seaside and sky on a summer's day) ♦ I love staring at the night's sky, and used to have an obsession with space as a child ♦ I'm a lover of most things tech, but my true passion lies in Web Design and Coding ♦ My old working life consisted of IT Helpdesk's and Desktop Support. Oh, and Office Admin, but that was when MS-DOS and tape back-ups were still considered fashionable.

What I Do

Currently, I build responsive websites using a combination of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, and I'm also in the process of learning JavaScript to compliment my skill-set.

My background in Technical Support compliments my coding skill-set because it means I can troubleshoot my own designs when they go wrong!

Why Code?

Put simply: I love the combination of creativity that comes with design, and the problem-solving that comes with development, which is why this craft appeals so much.

When I worked in Desktop Support, I'd have the occasional day where I'd think 'I don't feel like solving problems today, I'd rather be creative instead', and then proceed to doodle on a piece of paper how I wanted my non-existent portfolio site to look!

That line of thinking doesn't really work in a purely Tech Support role - it's all about resolving problems and nothing else. That's when I came to realise I was probably a square peg in a round hole and needed to brainstorm that creative, problem-solving role I was looking for, which is when I started exploring Web Development.

As a worker who is drawn to Tech, but needs to constantly learn and evolve, Web Development fills the void for me, and that's why I've chosen to code.

You can view the different websites I've built by clicking the button below, and it will take you to my Web Design Portfolio site:


Disclaimer: I'm not an extrovert by nature, or a natural blogger, but I can talk for hours on end, and I do love journalling. So with that in mind, and since most of my journalling seems to document the ongoing struggle between balancing parenthood and running a house, with learning new skills alongside a part-time job, it seemed only natural that a blog should come out of it! So my blogging subject is based around the challenges of learning new skills for work, alongside that of motherhood, running a house, and a part-time job. It's something I live through daily, and yet heaven knows I still haven't mastered it.

(As a first-time blogger, my first blog post is my intro, and you can read it here: