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A Stay-at-Home Mum on a Coding Mission!

Who I Am

I’m Emma, a first-time blogger, and mum-of-one from a small village in Wiltshire, and I live here with my partner and four-year-old son.

I’m currently a stay-at-home-mum with a part-time job that commands no more than five hours per week of my time, and is flexible and remote which is fantastic for allowing me to build up a working life around my family life. It also enables me to earn enough money to top-up my bank account without relying on my partner, but it won't be a forever job.

In September 2019, my child will start full-time education, and like many stay-at-home-parents, I’m now starting to think ahead long-term about what my working life will look like, and how it will combine with family life without being too disruptive, whilst also complimenting the skill-set I had in my previous working life. A big ask really. And the problem here is that the industry in which I previously worked doesn’t really accommodate family-life - IT Support is demanding and there’s very little flexibility, so the prospect of stumbling upon a part-time job is about as likely as waking up one morning and finding £1 million has been spontaneously deposited in your bank account! Equally, remote working positions seem to be extremely minimal, and so it goes that for several reasons, I’m not even sure IT Support is the right fit for me anymore.

So Why Blog?

Well, since as far back as 2007 I’ve had a not-so-secret desire to become a freelance Web Designer. Why it’s only happening now that I have my hands full with a pre-schooler, and not back when I had more free time is just down to the strangeness that is life. But, the reason this blog came about, is because since 2016, I’ve been actively trying to learn Web Design and Development - and trying to fit it in around my child, running a house, and now part-time work. It’s not been easy up to now, and sometimes it loses out to the other things.

After feeling like I needed some inspiration and motivation to keep going with it, I turned to Google to search for blogs along a similar line, and found nothing. This might just be down to my Google search terms being limited to various combinations of “stay at home parent” and “learning to code”, or maybe there really aren’t that many people learning to code alongside raising a family, but I’d find that hard to believe. Now I realise that actually, it doesn’t really matter what subject or area you’re learning: if it’s a brand new skill - an area in which you have no knowledge of but are passionate about conquering, whilst you carry on with day-to-day life and looking after your family, then yeah I’m right there with you! And that’s the kind of inspiration I’m looking for.

What You Can Expect From Me

I’m a mum who’s pre-occupied with learning a new career path alongside maintaining the normal family routine and working, without losing any spinning plates. I’m constantly searching for ways to streamline things, and little hacks to help make life easier, and I intend to write about it here fortnightly - the good, the bad and the ugly! But I also want to hear from you - newbie’s or seasoned pro’s. How do you balance it all whilst staying sane?